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Tank Vapor Capture


Tank vaporcatcher

The Vaporcatcher can be used for tank vapor capture for economic return and emissions mitigation, for gas conditioning prior to injection to a gathering system, and for condensable removal to produce conditioned fuel gas for compressors and engine driven equipment.

Pioneer Energy’s Vaporcatcher™ line of gas processing units are refrigeration and separation systems that can be used for a variety of applications. When used for emissions mitigation, they capture and monetize the high BTU vapors from oil tanks, producing Y-grade NGLs and a conditioned gas stream.

The Vaporcatcher captures up 75% or more of VOC contributing components from tank vapors, helping producers manage site emissions which enables more oil production.

The Vaporcatcher can also be used in gas conditioning applications, cooling the associated gas and removing water and heavy hydrocarbons.

When used prior to injection into a gathering system, this helps reduce pooling and hydrate formation while managing injection temperature. The Vaporcatcher can also remove condensables to provide conditioned fuel gas for compressors and other engine driven equipment.

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