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Pegasus Field Gas Conditioning Unit


Pioneer Energy offers innovative products accompanied by customized services to aid oil & gas producers worldwide in solving their hydrocarbon processing challenges and achieving their emission reduction goals.

The company’s current product offerings include zero emissions, tankless production systems such as the Emission Control Treater™ (ECT™), the Pegasus™ and Pegasus Mini™ field gas conditioning systems, the Flarecatcher™ line of modular gas processing plants, modular NGL fractionators, tank vapor capture systems, as well as customized knockouts, separators and pressure vessels.  

Working with preferred providers, we can assist customers in obtaining 3rd party equipment including for H2S and inerts removal, product storage tanks, gas compressors, and natural gas generators, as well as equipment to support CNG, LNG and GTL systems. Pioneer Energy also offers custom engineered solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of both domestic and international customers.

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Emission Control Treater

Emission Control Treater

Zero Emissions, Tankless Production System
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Pegasus Field Gas Conditioning Unit


Field Gas Conditioning for
Frac Fleets
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Flarecatcher 1500.JPG

Pegasus Mini

Field Gas Conditioning for Drilling Rigs, Compressors, Gensets & Turbines
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NGL Fractionator

NGL Fractionation

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Modular Gas Processing Plants
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Knockouts and separators

Knockouts, Separators & Pressure Vessels

ASME Code Stamped Vessels

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