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Fabrication Services

Pioneer Energy offers a range of fabrication services for oil & gas as well as other industries. Our fabrication facility is located in Lakewood, CO where we have operated for over 15 years. Pioneer is certified by ASME in steel and stainless steel for both new construction and repairs. We also have a UL Panel shop capable of building industrial control panels, including those located in hazardous locations. 


At Pioneer Energy, we are a the forefront of vessel manufacturing. Our expertise extends to the construction of diverse vessels, including 2-phase separators, 3-phase separators, knock-out tanks, buffer tanks, and more. With ASME certification, we ensure the highest quality in new constructions.

Skid Assemblies

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Discover efficiency and precision with our skid assemblies. Pioneer excels in building modular and customized skids, such as compressor skids, air compressor skids, pump skids, control skids, and fuel distribution skids. Our facility, featuring multiple forklifts, overhead trolly cranes, and a CNC plasma table, ensures seamless skid assembly with precision and speed. 

Panel Shop

As pioneers in industrial control, Pioneer houses a UL panel shop capable of constructing both standard and hazardous location control panels. Our panel shop expertise spans across a wide voltage range from 24DC to 480VAC. Whether you require industrial control panels or those designed for hazardous location, our skilled team can ensure the reliability and safety of every panel we producer. 

Contract Philip Manteuffel at for all your vessel, skid assembly, and panel shop needs. We are dedicated to delivering quality solutions tailored to your specifications. 

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