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Webinar Replay: Facilities of the Future, Moving to Zero Emissions Facilities

Below is a replay of an exclusive webinar hosted by Pioneer Energy to present technology-based solutions for eliminating emissions from completion operations, well sites, and production facilities, while increasing hydrocarbon liquid production and reducing ops costs. In this informative and educational webinar, our team discusses pathways for achieving a zero emissions oil production.

Webinar Content:

  1. Update on new emissions regulations.

  2. Discussion of common well pad emissions sources.

  3. Pioneer’s technology-based solutions for decarbonizing oil and gas production.

  4. Overview of the Emission Control Treater (ECT) for zero emission crude oil stabilization and update on recent pilot tests.

  5. Discuss opportunity for additional revenue by increasing crude volume and minimizing sales gas BTU with the ECT.

  6. Overview of the Pegasus and Pegasus Mini solutions for field gas conditioning.

  7. Discuss opportunity for additional revenue by eliminating diesel use and capturing more NGLs with the Pegasus and Pegasus Mini.

  8. Discussion of what makes Pioneer Energy’s solutions different.

  9. Review of funding opportunities with the DOE/EPA for collaboration on methane emissions reduction.

  10. Q&A session. Answers to your questions on achieving zero emissions facilities in the context of your specific operational challenges. Whether you're concerned about emissions reduction, performance, integration, or regulatory compliance, our team is here to provide clarity and guidance.

About Pioneer Energy

Pioneer Energy is the leading provider of field equipment for processing hydrocarbons at well sites and facilities. We are pioneering technology for decarbonizing oil & gas production with innovative technologies that offer operators the most reliable, rugged and easy-to-use solutions for reducing emissions and converting inefficiencies into profits.

Based in Colorado, our technologies are operating successfully in multiple oil and gas regions. Pioneer Energy’s engineering, field service, and remote operations teams provide best-in-class support for our domestic and international customers, and we offer custom engineering design and fabrication services in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility.

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