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Modular Fractionation and Crude Stabilizers

NGL Fractionator

Pioneer Energy can custom design fractionators at any desired scale.

Fractionators are used to separate mixed liquid hydrocarbons, upconverting low value streams into higher value products. Applications include the extraction from NGLs of LPG, on-spec condensate, individual purity products such as commercial propane and commercial butane, and the conditioning of off-spec NGLs to allow them to meet market requirements. Fractionators can be designed for stand alone applications, or to work as part of a Flarecatcher modular processing plant solution.

Pioneer Energy's Recycling ECT ® can be used for hydrcarbon miscible EOR projects to reduce injectant operating costs. The system extracts NGL components from the produced fluids, making them available for the EOR process. This can significantly increase the amount of oil that is recoverable over the lifetime of the well. 

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