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Knockouts, Separators & Pressure Vessels

ASME Code Stamped Vessels

Phase separators

Knockouts, separators, and other pressure vessels are also being designed and manufacturered by Pioneer Energy. These can be used for the removal of free liquids from gas streams prior to processing and the separation of water from condensed hydrocarbon streams.

Pioneer Energy is an accredited ASME facility with certification stamp U. We are also certified to NBIC and maintain an R endorsement. Specifically: ASME U” – Shop and Field Manufacture of Pressure Vessels in accordance with ASME Code Section VIII Division I; “R” – Shop and Field Metallic Repairs and Alterations of Pressure Retaining items in accordance with the National Board Inspection Code and Jurisdictional Requirements and Certificate of Authorization to Register.


We can also design and manufacture custom pressure vessels to meet your unique requirements.

Let us know what you need, and see what Pioneer Energy can do for you.

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