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Pioneer Energy Sells First Pegasus Field Gas Conditioner to Atlas Oil

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The industry is going through a rapid transition from diesel fuel to natural gas, with field gas in particular holding the most promise for the largest cost savings and environmental benefits.

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EnerCom's Dan Genovese interviews Eyal Aronoff 

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EnerCom's Dan Genovese interviews Eyal Aronoff with Pioneer Energy to discuss methane emissions management in oil field operations.

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Energy Investment & ESG Conference

Pioneer Energy CEO Eyal Aronoff recently presented on the Emission Control Treater at EnerCom's Energy Investment & ESG Conference in Dallas, TX.

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Press Release

Pioneer Energy & Bayswater Successfully Field Pilot Zero Emission

Oil Production System

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Pioneer Energy’s ESG Solution for Well Pad Methane Emissions

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EnerCom's Dan Genovese interviews Joe Palaia and Eyal Aronoff with Pioneer Energy to discuss their new, single skid, well pad system that eliminate 90% ...

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US-Africa Energy Advisory Committee to Push Energy Dialogue

Pioneer Energy's Ann Norman has been appointed to the Advisory Board of a US-Africa Committee to support the development...

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Natural Gas to Change Africa

Pioneer Energy's Ann Norman has been appointed to the Advisory Board of a US-Africa Committee to support the development .

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Pioneer Energy brings an unusual perspective to the oil and gas industry: many of its employees have a background devising ways to extract energy not from the earth but from environments like Mars.

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From Senegal to South Africa, natural gas is taking an increasingly important place within the continent’s energy mix. Africa is home to the world’s largest recent gas discoveries, especially in Senegal and Mozambique, and governments across the continent are increasingly recognizing the benefits of using African gas to drive economic growth.

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Gas Processors Turn Oil Drilling Emissions into Fuel for Sale

Pioneer Energy's Joseph Palaia was quoted in an article released by NASA's Spinoff / Technology Transfer Program.

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Billions at Play

Pioneer Energy's Ann Norman was quoted in an article released by the APO Group.

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Africa Is Open For Business

Ann Norman, General Manager - Sub-Saharan Africa for Pioneer Energy spoke with Financial Afrik at the oil summit in Malabo (APPO Cape VII)... 

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Pioneer Energy operates and monitors these geographically dispersed units from its headquarters in Colorado. Pioneer’s operations and design teams monitor the equipment and analyze the results to deliver continuous improvement.

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How to analyze gas processing data from remote locations

Andy Young, Director of Operations at Pioneer Energy, discusses how advanced analytics and data collection system help an energy company monitor and evaluate gas processing equipment at remote well sites.

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Flare Gas Capture - Flare to Fuel

Andy Young will be presenting at the January Meeting for the Denver chapter of the Instrumentation Society of America.

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Remote monitoring


Gas processor advancing remote control methodologies

“Technology is changing under our feet.” Pioneer Energy’s Andy Young, Director of Operations, explained how the company uses technology to ...

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Andy Young's Presentation at the ARC Advisory Group in Orlando

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Concept to Commercialization via Digital Enterprise - Andy Young of Pioneer Energy @ ARC Forum 2017

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Young approach to bridging the IoT skills gap

In a few weeks, Andy Young joins a panel to explore “Bridging the Industrial IoT Skills Gap” at the Smart Industry 2016 conference in Chicago. Today the controls engineer with Pioneer Energy chats with us about the role of young professionals working with the IIoT. 

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