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Pioneer Energy is a designer and original equipment manufacturer of novel technologies that decarbonize the oil and gas industry.

Our technologies reduce emissions and increase ESG compliance.

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Our innovative, proprietary hydrocarbon processing systems capture or eliminate emissions sources and turn otherwise wasted or flared gas and liquid streams into revenue-generating products. Pioneer offers systems to more efficiently process wellhead fluids, to capture and process associated and non-associated gas streams, and to monetize oil tank battery vapors.


Our systems are skid or trailer mounted, modular, autonomous units that are remotely monitored and controlled. They provide oil producers with tremendous flexibility in equipment deployment and redeployment and superior uptime, while minimizing CAPEX and OPEX requirements.

Oil Production

core product offerings include: 


The Emission Control Treater™ (ECT™) is a first-of-its-kind zero emission production system that processes wellhead fluid at the pad, replacing traditional surface processing infrastructure. It increases crude volume production, dramatically reduces wellpad emissions, eliminates flaring, and decreases pad footprint. 

Tankless, zero-emission oil production facility
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ECT mockup


The Pegasus™ field gas conditioner is a trailer-mounted processing system which conditions a producer's own associated gas for use in dual fuel or electric fracturing fleets. The system is compact and highly mobile. It produces high quality fuel gas allowing 80+% diesel fuel replacement. This results in a large reduction in emissions and a substantial cost savings per frac job.

Field gas conditioning unit capable of up to 6MMSCFD of raw field gas.


The Flarecatcher™ is Pioneer's flagship modular gas processing plant solution. These mechanical refrigeration (MRU) based systems process rich gas streams at well sites and central processing facilities. Cooling the gas to between -5C and -70C (depending upon the application), the systems remove natural gas liquids (NGLs), which can be trucked to market or further processed in one of Pioneer's fractionation systems. The remaining gas can be conditioned to meet market or use requirements, including for pipeline injection, onsite power generation, conversion to CNG or LNG, or fed into a GTL process. The process trains are scaled for any desired flowrate.

Modular gas processing plant


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Fractionators are used to separate mixed liquid hydrocarbons, upconverting low value streams into higher value products. Applications include the extraction from NGLs of LPG, on-spec condensate, individual purity products such as commercial propane and commercial butane, and the conditioning of off-spec NGLs to allow them to meet market requirements. Certain fractionators, including Pioneer Energy's Recycling ECT ® can also be used for hydrocarbon miscible EOR projects to reduce injectant operating costs. Pioneer Energy’s line of fractionation systems are available in a variety of capacities and can be used either in conjunction with our other equipment or deployed as stand-alone modules.

Mobile fractionator


Vaporcatchers™ can be used in emissions mitigation and gas or crude conditioning applications. They can capture high BTU vapors from oil tank batteries, producing NGLs and reducing VOC contributing components by 75% or more. These systems can also cool associated gas and remove water and heavy hydrocarbons. When used in crude conditioning applications, the systems reduce or even eliminate shrinkage. The systems are also ideally suited to condition fuel gas for compressors and other engine driven equipment.

Mobile tank vaporcatcher
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Knockouts, separators, and other pressure vessels are also being designed and manufacturered by Pioneer Energy. These can be used for the removal of free liquids from gas streams prior to processing and the separatation of water from condensed hydrocarbon streams. We can also design and manufacture custom pressure vessels to meet your unique requirements.
Pioneer Energy is an
accredited ASME facility with certification stamp U. We are also certified to NBIC and maintain an R endorsement. Specifically: ASME “U – Shop and Field Manufacture of Pressure Vessels in accordance with ASME Code Section VIII Division I; R” – Shop and Field Metallic Repairs and Alterations of Pressure Retaining items in accordance with the National Board Inspection Code and Jurisdictional Requirements and Certificate of Authorization to Register.  

Knockouts and other pressure vessels


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3rd Party Equipment can also be sourced by Pioneer Energy to complement our other systems.  Examples include equipment to remove H2S, CO2, N2, and other contaminants, as well as product storage tanks, gas compressors, and natural gas generators. Other examples include Last Mile Solutions such as Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG), and Gas to Liquids (GTL) systems. Pioneer Energy works with trusted 3rd party equipment providers in order to provide our customers with a complete solution to their gas processing needs.

3rd party sourcing of CNG and LNG trailers

Value Proposition
of Pioneer Energy's Solutions

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ESG Compliance: Technologies to reduce emissions and capture waste streams, helping producers achieve ESG targets.

Flare Reduction: Reduce or eliminate flaring by capturing hydrocarbons, resulting in reduced VOC, CO, and NOx emissions.

Regulatory Compliance: Avoid lost revenue by keeping your wells from being shut in, and prevent penalties and fees.

Increased Revenue: Realize revenue from otherwise wasted associated gas and oil tank vapors.

Hassle Free: Complete, turnkey solutions with industry leading customer service.

Adaptability: Modular solutions that minimize site construction and are rapidly scaled and deployed.

Flexibility: Suitable for a diverse set of field conditions, gas compositions, and flow variability.

Visibility: Real-time streaming field data and regular, detailed performance reports.

Safety: HSE embedded in the company's culture at all levels.

Reliability: Proven equipment and service with outstanding up-time in harsh conditions.

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