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“Remote Processing Helps Shale Producers Find More Profits”

Grant Gerke, Automation World Magazine

A portable gas separator provides an alternative to flaring off natural gases from shale oil operations. Pioneer Energy needed a control system that could handle the complex processes, but could also operate reliably in remote shale fields.

Dramatically falling oil prices were expected to take a big toll on the rate of North American shale exploration this year. Though a modest rise in prices kept drilling and volume production high, profit margins are still under particular scrutiny.

Using horizontal fracturing technology, shale wells produce high-energy natural gas—also called associate petroleum gas—along with crude oil. Most shale operators elect to burn the high-energy natural gas on site with flaring applications. However, not only are flaring regulations becoming stronger in these states, the gas contains valuable commodities such as methane, butane and propane that shale companies could process for on-site repurposing or for selling.

Enter Pioneer Energy, a vertically integrated engineering services company in the oil and gas industry...

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