Mobile Flare Gas Capture Solutions &
Modular Gas Processing Plants
Pioneer Energy Flarecatcher on-site in North Dakota


Pioneer Energy offers innovative products accompanied by customized services to aid oil & gas producers worldwide in solving their gas processing challenges.

The company’s current product offerings include Flarecatcher™ mobile gas associated gas processing plants in sizes from 400 to 5,000+ MSCFD, Vaporcatcher oil tank battery vapor capture systems scaled to 400 MSCFD, and Fractionation Systems which separate produced NGLs into commercial propane, LPG, and natural gas condensates. The company also produces larger scale modular plants for centralized stationary operations. Working with preferred providers, we can assist customers in obtaining electrical power generators, CNG compressors, NGL/LPG storage and loading systems, CNG/NGL/LPG transports, H2S removal equipment, and other associated technologies. Pioneer Energy also offers custom engineered solutions tailored to meet the unique needs of both domestic and international customers.

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Flarecatcher Technology

Pioneer Energy’s Flarecatcher™ line of gas processing plants utilizes our propriety Deep Refrigeration™ technology to provide best in class separation performance. The Flarecatcher extracts natural gas liquids (NGLs) from raw associated gas at nearly twice the recovery rate of any competing system, rejecting excess low-value ethane, and conditioning dry gas for use in power generation or conversion to CNG or LNG. Flarecatchers are available in trailer mounted and skid mounted configurations to allow fast and easy deployment and redeployment to help meet the often changing needs of oil producers.

All of Pioneer Energy’s Flarecatcher units contain a sophisticated control system that removes the need for on-site operators. The units are monitored through a secure remote connection via local area network, cell phone network, or satellite. A remote staff member can monitor and control Flarecatcher systems from any convenient location worldwide.

Pioneer Energy offers standard Flarecatcher units in a range of gas processing capacities. These standard units are listed below. Each of these units is able to process a wide variety of incoming gas compositions and energy contents. Each unit has a finite amount of inlet compressor capacity and refrigeration duty, so raw gas with higher energy content results in decreased flow (and higher NGL yield), while lower energy content gas results in higher flow (and more lean dry gas for power generation, LNG or CNG). Pioneer Energy’s team can assist in selecting the right equipment to meet your project needs based upon the flow rate and composition of gas to be processed. 

Flarecatcher 400

Built onto a 40' drop deck trailer for easy mobility, this unit provides up to 400 MSCFD of associated gas processing capacity. 

Flarecatcher 2500

Built onto two 40' skids, this unit provides up to 2,500 MSCFD of associated gas processing capacity. This unit incorporates Pioneer Energy's industry leading Deep Refrigeration technology and is targeted at conditioning gas streams between 1,250 BTU/cu ft and 1,450 BTU/cu ft, extracting NGLs while conditioning the remaining gas to meet dry gas pipeline specs (~1,050 BTU/cu ft).

Flarecatcher 5000

Built onto two 40' skids, this unit provides up to 5,000 MSCFD of associated gas processing capacity. The unit is specifically designed to process raw gas to remove > 50% of the C3+ components (making it compliant with North Dakota Industrial Commission gas capture requirements) and it is targeted at conditioning gas streams between 1,450 BTU/cu ft and 1,800+ BTU/cu ft.

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Our proprietary Deep RefrigerationTM technology optimizes separation.


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Vaporcatcher Technology

Pioneer Energy’s Vaporcatcher™ line of gas processing units capture and process tank battery vapors, providing extremely high NGL yield. The economics of deploying a Vaporcatcher are far superior to those for deploying a Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU) and injecting into a gathering system. If deployed to a site where tank vapors are currently being flared, the Vaporcatcher cuts VOC emissions by up to 75%. Applied to a typical tank battery vapor emission of 400 MCFD, a Vaporcatcher produces 6,000+ gallons (~22,700 liters) of NGLs per day. 

Pioneer Energy offers a standard Vaporcatcher unit with a capacity of 400 MCFD.

Vaporcatcher Unit

Vaporcatcher 400

This unit provides between 150 and 450 MSCFD of tank battery vapor capture capacity. It consists of a 8.5' x 22' compression skid and a 8' x 18' refrigeration and separation skid.

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The Vaporcatcher captures and monetizes low pressure NGL rich vapors from oil tank batteries, providing a much better economic return than a Vapor Recovery Unit (VRU).

Distillation Systems

Fractionation System Technology

Designed to work in conjunction with Flarecatcher units, Pioneer Energy also offers modular Fractionation Systems which further process the produced NGLs, separating these liquids into propane, butane, and natural gas condensate streams. The propane and butane can be recombined to form Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG) meeting the specific requirements of any given market, with excess propane (typical for many associated gas streams) being made available for on-site power generation or commercial sale. The remaining heavy hydrocarbons (pentane, hexane+) are referred to as natural gas condensate. This condensate could be blended into transportation fuel, or used to increase the volume of crude oil produced on-site.

Distillation 1200

Distillation 2000

Distillation 3000

Distillation 4000

Pioneer Energy offers Fractionation Systems scaled to process the NGL output flow from each of the standard Flarecatcher units.

Modular Gas Processing Plants and Custom Engineered Solutions

Solutions For Any Scale Project

Pioneer Energy’s propriety Deep Refrigeration™ technology can be deployed in any size plant to achieve the most complete separation and product capture available in the industry.  For gas streams larger than ~8 MMSCFD Pioneer Energy can provide a skid mounted, modular, completely integrated processing plant. The specific makeup, size, and design of the modules for the plant are selected based on the composition, pressure and flow of the raw gas to be processed, as well as the desired product specifications. Each module is plug-and-play with the other modules in the plant, with all of them managed through our propriety remote plant management software. Pioneer Energy’s engineering team can further customize our modular plants to address customers’ unique challenges such as high CO2 content, H2S removal, etc.

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Product Storage Systems

Store Produced Products Until Use or Transport to Market

Pioneer Energy provides pressurized storage and loading systems that are sized to support the output of our Flarecatchers and modular plants. The size and composition of the storage system selected for a particular project is dependent on the gas volume, composition, product specifications and the number of days of on-site storage required.