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Andy Young's Presentation at the ARC Advisory Group in Orlando

ARC Advisory Group



VIDEO – Pioneer Energy Flare Catcher at Oil Site in Colorado



Pioneer Energy Featured on Cover of Plant Engineering Magazine

Plant Engineering Magazine - January / February 2017 Edition

Pioneer Energy was featured on the cover of Plant Engineering Magazine's January / February 2017 edition. The company's work was showcased in an article entitled, "IIoT arrives: It's time to get started," (article begins on page 35). 



Andy Young to Present "Rethinking the Role of Process Control"

ARC Industry Forum

Pioneer Energy's Andy Young will be making a presentation entitled "Rethinking the Role of Process Control" to the ARC Advisory Group at their Annual Industry Forum - Industry In Transition: Realizing the Digital Enterprise. This event is being held February 6-9 in Orlando, Flori... Read more...


"The Normalization of Machine Learning"

Andy Young - in an article by SmartIndustry

Pioneer Energy's Andy Young was quoted in an article by SmartIndustry predicting technology trends for 2017. 

Download the PDF version of the article here.

Visit SmartIndustry here.


"Young approach to bridging the IoT skills gap"

Smart Industry

In a few weeks, Andy Young joins a panel to explore “Bridging the Industrial IoT Skills Gap” at the Smart Industry 2016 conference in Chicago. Today the controls engineer with Pioneer Ener... Read more...


“Controlling the World’s Oil Supply”

Automation World Magazine

Whether drilling further out or maintaining a sprawling set of wells, exploration companies are realizing they need a more central plan of control. Remote operations are not only more feasible, but vital.

The old standard of just drilling your way to profits is quickly fading away in the oil and gas industry, where everything is changing. The growth of shale explorations—with numerous wells in a basin, horizon... Read more...


“Remote Processing Helps Shale Producers Find More Profits”

Grant Gerke, Automation World Magazine

A portable gas separator provides an alternative to flaring off natural gases from shale oil operations. Pioneer Energy needed a control system that could handle the complex processes, but could also operate reliably in remote shale fields.

Dramatically falling oil prices were expected to take a big toll on the rate of North American shale exploration this year. Though a modest rise in prices kept drilling and volum... Read more...


“How to Get 140 MPG Fuel Economy Using NGL’s” – in National Review

By Pioneer Energy President - Dr. Robert Zubrin

President Obama wants new American cars to average 55 miles per gallon (mpg) by 2025. But Americans could be getting a fuel economy of 140 mpg right now while sharply cutting air pollution as well, if only the Environmental Protection Agency would get out of the way.

The key is to lift the regulatory burden to allow cars and trucks to be converted so they can run on ultra-cheap fuels that are currently glutting t... Read more...


“Fixing a Power Failure in the Shale Boom” – in the Wall Street Journal

By Pioneer Energy President – Dr. Robert Zubrin

Enormous amounts of natural gas, surfaced during oil production, are being flared—burned off and wasted—around the world. In North Dakota, 10 billion cubic feet of gas is flared every month, so much that from space, the rural Bakken area is brighter at night than Minneapolis. Globally, the amount is 50 times greater. This is a waste of resources and an environmental problem, and there’s a way to fix it.

The gas is ...


Case Study: Pioneer Energy Turns Waste Flare Gas into Revenue

Opto 22

Colorado-based engineering firm solves challenges of extracting profitable gases and elminating environmentally harmful natural gas flaring.

The Challenge

At many newly developed oil wells you’ll find a tall pipe rising into the air with a long flame blazing brightly at the end. Fueling this flame is a high-energy natural gas mixture that emerges along with the crude oil. The natural gas contains metha... Read more...


“Flare Care”

Jeff Borgardt, Energy & Mining International Magazine

Technology developer Pioneer Energy’s newest innovation is taking the oil and gas world by storm.

The company deployed its first Mobile Alkane Gas Separator (MAGS) in the Bakken Shale in November with six more units in production. The MAGS captures and converts natural gas that is typically flared off into useable commodities. 

“Pioneer Energy is a company that is developing new technol... Read more...


Spotlight on Lakewood – Video with Lakewood Mayor Bob Murphy visiting Pioneer Energy



“The Source of All Resources”

By Pioneer Energy President - Dr. Robert Zubrin – in National Review

The human mind, allowed to operate in an atmosphere of freedom, is our greatest asset.

On October 7, we held the grand opening of the factory of my new company, Pioneer Energy, in Lakewood, Colorado. This is the speech I gave to commemorate the occasion.

"We are here today to celebrate the opening of a new factory, a place for making things. Such an event is always cause for celebration, ... Read more...


Pioneer Energy Factory Grand Opening

Robert Zubrin, Sarah Landry, Congressman Perlmutter

On October 7, 2014, Pioneer Energy Inc., a Colorado-based developer of mobile oil and gas recovery technology, held a grand opening celebration for their new manufacturing facility in Lakewood, CO. The facility which has now begun commercial operations, is producing Pioneer Energy’s Mobile Alkane Gas Separator (MAGS) technology. This mobile natural gas processing system for use at oil wells extracts valuabl... Read more...


“Colorado Man Aiming to End Natural Gas Flaring”

Zach Koppang,

A career in the aerospace industry with vision aimed toward interplanetary travel has resulted in the development of a mobile oil and gas separator capable of ending the ongoing issue of setting fire to the natural gas associated with the hydraulic fracturing process.

The Denver Business Journal recently featured Robert Zubrin, founder of Pioneer Energy Inc., who has developed the Mobile Alkane Gas Separator (MAGS) which could possi... Read more...


“Lakewood Company Working to Capture Flared Natural Gas at Oil Well Sites”

Austin Briggs, Denver Post

LAKEWOOD — A Lakewood company has found a way to capture a byproduct of the booming energy economy — natural gas flared at remote oil well sites.

Robert Zubrin, the founder and president of Lakewood-based Pioneer Energy, has guided a team in designing the  Read more...


“Pioneer Energy takes aim at unwanted ‘flared’ natural gas in oil fields”

Cathy Proctor , Denver Business Journal

Robert Zubrin, founder and president of Pioneer Energy Inc. in Lakewood, has spent decades working on aerospace projects aimed at interplanetary travel, including more than 60 contr... Read more...


VIDEO – Mobile System Separates Flare Gas into Liquids and Dry Generator Fuel Gas



Pioneer Energy Hosts PEMEX Delegation at Test Site



MAGS Test Phase Photos



MAGS Photo Album



“Human to Mars Advocate Robert Zubrin has a company to convert natural gas that would be flared into CO2 and hydrogen”

In 1996, Zubrin founded and is president of Pioneer Energy, a Research and Development firm Colorado. The company's focus is to develop mobile Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) systems that can enable CO2-based EOR for both small and large oil producers in the United States. The company has also developed a number of new processes for manufacturing synthetic fuels.

The US is flaring a lot of natural gas from the oil ... Read more...


“Pioneer Energy sees opportunity in capturing flare gas at wellheads”

David Wagman,

LAKEWOOD -- It's around 700 miles from Denver to Parshall, ND, a town in the heart of North America's largest oil and natural gas fields. It's also a place where Lakewood-basedPioneer Energy hopes to strike it big.

Pioneer's technology would help reduce the amount of natural gas flaring that's taking place in the Bakken/Three Forks field n... Read more...


“Methanol Offers Vehicle Fuel Solution”

The American Oil & Gas Reporter



October Issue Ad

The American Oil & Gas Reporter



Rocky Flats Test Site – PERT Photo Album



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