Mobile Flare Gas Capture Solutions &
Modular Gas Processing Plants

About Us

Pioneer Energy is a Colorado based service provider and original equipment manufacturer that solves gas processing challenges on the oilfield through development and deployment of new technology.

The company offers a range of standard gas capture and processing units for monetizing tank vapors, associated gas, and non-associated gas. It also specializes in providing custom engineered solutions at any desired scale to accommodate customers’ unique field gas conditions, while providing high-quality output streams that meet stringent requirements. 

Pioneer Energy’s VaporcatcherTM line of units capture tank battery vapors and extract NGLs at high yield instead of sending these valuable commodities to flare. This dramatically cuts emissions while simultaneously providing significant economic return. 

Pioneer Energy’s FlarecatcherTM line of units provides associated and non-associated gas capture and processing at the well site with superior performance than any other mobile system, producing NGLs, pipeline quality lean methane, and enabling producers to achieve regulatory compliance. 

Pioneer Energy’s engineering, field service, and remote operations teams provide best-in-class support of both domestic as well as international customers’ operations. The company’s knowledge is underscored by their field experience in the Bakken and Denver-Julesburg oil fields. 

Astronautical engineer Dr. Robert Zubrin and serial, successful entrepreneur Eyal Aronoff founded Pioneer Energy. Leveraging intellectual property developed at Pioneer Astronautics while doing work for NASA and the DOE, Dr. Zubrin led a team to develop Pioneer Energy’s groundbreaking Flarecatcher and Vaporcatcher technologies. The company continues to build on this knowledge, refining these systems while developing new solutions to meet tomorrow’s gas processing needs for the oil and gas industry.

We are an original equipment manufacturer of fully integrated natural gas processing plants that range in size from 400 MSCFD to 4,000+ MSCFD.

Multiple units can cluster together to address any size gas stream.

Key Team Members

Eyal Aronoff - President & CEO

Eyal Aronoff is a serial, successful entrepreneur. Eyal is a co-founder of Quest Software, which sold to Dell in 2012 for USD 2.4 billion. Since leaving Quest Software, he has co-founded and invested in a variety of businesses, including e-commerce, specialty financing ventures, and a range of consumer product companies. Over the past decade he has built expertise in the oil and gas space, focusing particularly on increasing global utilization of natural gas for electricity, cooking fuels and transportation.

Ann Norman - General Manager, Sub-Saharan Africa

Ann Norman has been sharing her time between Africa and the U.S. for the past 14 years. She has been instrumental in introducing U.S. companies into emerging African markets, as well as showcasing and driving foreign direct investment in Africa, particularly in the healthcare, energy and infrastructure spaces. She brings a unique knowledge and working experience of financing and investment mechanisms for emerging African markets, and has successfully worked with both private sector banks, as well as development institutions to bring financing and funding for infrastructure and energy programs throughout Africa. She is fluent in French.

Joseph E. Palaia, IV - VP of Business Development

Joseph Palaia is Vice President of Business Development at Pioneer Energy. He is leading the pursuit of business at Pioneer, negotiating and closing domestic business deals while pursuing major international customers. Joe transitioned from a business development role at Pioneer Astronautics in March 2014 to help grow the business at Pioneer Energy. 

Joe holds a B.S. in Electrical Engineering, an M.S. in Nuclear Science & Engineering from MIT, and has completed an intensive executive education course at Harvard Business School. He has also served as a senior technical and business consultant on international projects including leading a team to establish the first electric vehicle conversion shop in Singapore, and writing the business plan for an earth-orbiting hotel startup company based in Barcelona, Spain. In his spare time, Joe assists the efforts of the non-profit Mars Society and is a veteran of two Arctic expeditions.

Gevorg Sargsyan - VP of Engineering

Gevorg Sargsyan is Vice President of Engineering at Pioneer Energy. He holds a BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Colorado, Boulder, where he gained experience in ferrite synthesis for solar thermo-chemical cycles specializing in heat transfer, thermodynamics, process separation and reaction kinetics. He has extensive experience in metal fabrication, pressure vessels, high temperature reactors, machinery, and has demonstrated strong technical and leadership skills.

Mr. Sargsyan joined Pioneer Energy in 2009, and has led the engineering efforts on several key projects including the Mobile Alkane Gas Separator (MAGS) and the Portable Enhanced Recovery Technology (PERT) systems. He specializes in process development including design, fabrication, testing and quality control.

Andy Young - Director of Operations

Andy Young is the Director of Operations at Pioneer Energy. He oversees all aspects of operating mobile gas processing solutions, including the controls, software, and network layers necessary to provide access to remote machine data. His team conducts 24/7 operations of Pioneer Energy assets from headquarters. He holds a BS in Chemical and Life Science Engineering from Virginia Commonwealth University.

Mr. Young conducted graduate research on membrane separations at the Colorado School of Mines. He then founded a successful consulting company providing new facilities engineering to microbreweries and craft distilleries. Mr. Young joined Pioneer Energy in 2011 to capitalize on the opportunity to innovate in the domestic energy industry. He has since filed multiple patents for his contributions to advanced gas processing technologies.

John Henri - Senior Research Investigator and Director of Intellectual Property

John has a Ph.D. in synthetic organic chemistry, an M.S. in chemistry, and a B.S. in chemistry and biology. His training and initial industry experience includes designing and executing the synthesis of complex natural product anti-cancer and immunosuppressant drug molecules. More recently his work has focused on designing new syntheses of alternative fuels. Besides being an inventor for Pioneer Energy patents, he is a patent agent registered with the United States Patent Office. His interests include securing patents and building strong intellectual property portfolios. His recreational interests include hiking, photography, music and travel.  

Mark H. Berggren - Chief Engineer

Mark H. Berggren serves as Chief Engineer of Pioneer Energy. He has a B.S., Metallurgical Engineering (1976) from South Dakota School of Mines and Technology. He has 30 years of experience in research, pilot-scale demonstration, and commercial operations involving gas, liquid, and solid-phase reactions. 

Since joining Pioneer in 2000, Mr. Berggren served as lead engineer or principal investigator of over 20 highly successful research and development projects. As co-inventor, Mr. Berggren holds six patents.

Kevin Hotton - Senior Design Engineer

Kevin Hotton is currently a Senior Staff Engineer at Pioneer Energy. He holds BS and MS degrees in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Florida (1993). He has 23 years of experience in heat-transfer, thermodynamics, fluid dynamics, structural and vibration. He has been a core member of the engineering team at Pioneer Energy since April, 2010. Primary responsibilities have been in the areas of gas separation and low temperature refrigeration (below -60C). Further work experience has been gained in drying and cryogenic liquefaction of gases.

Robert Zubrin - Founder

Dr. Robert Zubrin is the founder of Pioneer Energy. Dr. Zubrin has a B.A. in Applied Mathematics from the University of Rochester, a M.S in Aeronautics and Astronautics and a Ph.D. in Nuclear Engineering, both from the University of Washington. He has 30 years industry experience, over 200 technical and non-technical publications in various areas of astronautical, aerospace, fossil fuel, and nuclear engineering, and 16 U.S. patents. He is also a best-selling author, with 8 books to his credit. Zubrin is known internationally as one of the most creative engineers working in industry today, and he and his work have been subject of much favorable press coverage in The Economist, The New York Times, The Boston Globe, The London Times, The Washington Post, Fortune Magazine, Newsweek, The Wall Street Journal, The Denver Post, Air and Space Smithsonian, Popular Science, Space News, and many other publications. He has also published feature articles in World Oil and the Oil and Gas Reporter. He is president of the Mars Society, a contributing editor of The New Atlantis, and a Senior Fellow with the Center for Security Policy.